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Invention is the mother of need, with this concept in mind, roll containers were introduced to make heavy object transportable. Roll Containers are most popular in industrial and logistic sectors for their assistance in carrying heavy objects. They are metal trollies with large bulk resistance and wheels to slide the packages from one place to the other. They are a flexible and cost-effective mean of transportation. Many stores and malls also use these to transport goods.

Roll container some called roll pallet or roll cage, is a solid helper for store and transport goods. They are often used in warehouse, supermarket, retail store or industrial factory.

Roll cages have strong reinforce design and metal basis structure. But also they have great flexibility to suit different environment.The main benefit of these is that a secure and contained metal frame takes all the heavy load and human labor is reduced. Whether it is the transportation of goods, parcel services, furniture stores or department stores, every sector is using roll containers as a mean for heavy lifting. In industrial plants, roll containers are modified by production units to make the equipment usable according to the industry work need. Brake system, tension belts extra shelves and other additional equipment make optimization easy.

A Frame Nestable Roll Containers

as it named, have a A shape metal base. This structure allows your nest the roll containers together by folding the base shelf up and sides in, they are then secured to the fixed back frame leaving the base to nest into the next container.

Demountable Roll cages

you can easily dismantle the mesh sides when not use, this design makes you save a lot of space.

Folding roll container

They also name L shape roll containers. After fold it bottom shelf up and one side in, they shaped as L, so they can be nest to each other.

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