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Rolling Ladder


Ladders are vertical inclined steps used for climbing up on a surface. Mostly ladders are used to get unreachable items placed at a height. Rigid, self-supporting and mobile ladders are some of the types of typical ladders. They are mostly made of wood or durable steel to withstand the weight put on them.



Mobile safety steps are mostly used in warehouses, and they are different from your typical everyday ladder due to their movable and structural difference. Rolling ladders are the most basic type of mobile ladders. They are mostly used in industrial plants to reach out far away items. They are different from the typical ladders due to their movable facility. The ladders have small wheels for moving the ladder to desired location.


Build with world-class steel and with rust free finish on the top, these ladders are the solution to moving heavy duty ladders without picking them, instead moving them is easy. They are most popularly found in public libraries for fetching books form top shelves without a hustle. Getting on those top shelves has never been easy but with these durable items, that dangerous task is also enjoyable. Hibright is a China rolling ladder manufacturer ,bring the best products to world clients.

There are some basic types of these ladders and some of them are as follows:



  • Ships Set-Up
  • Light Weight and Corrosion Resistant
  • Stock and Store
  • Tilt and Roll
  • Straddle Base Tilt and Roll



Ships Set-Up:

These type of ladders are at 50 degree climbing angle and have almost 10 to 15 steps. The steel used in them id of fine quality and weight resistance goes up to 50-80 kg. Fine structure and design make them a consumer favorite.


Light Weight and Corrosion Resistant:

These type of ladders are as the name implies, light in weight for easy carrying. They have a strong grip center for heavy load and sturdy metal frame to make them high in demand in the industrial plants. These ladders have the weight resistance up to 40-50 kg


Stock and Store:

These equipment are perfect solution for retail stores. With their strong build and space free frame, these are the best solution for tight space usage.  Moving these ladders is very easy due to their light weight factor and compact nature. Made from robust steel, these ladders work for long time without getting rusty or fading out. These items can withstand up to 30-40 kg load.


Tilt and Roll:

This design of ladder has a 90 degree platform at the top for standing which is foldable, hence the name tilt. These ladders are have movable bottoms to move the ladder from one place to another. These ladders have the ability to take up to 50-60 kg load.


Straddle Base Tilt and Roll:

These type of industrial ladders have a big gap between the ladder steps set and the balance base. They are mostly used by outdoor construction units to climb up the buildings and do work. Painting the walls, reaching high-level objects and doing construction work with them is their main purpose.

All these types of ladders are custom built for every customer and due to their robust steel and high strength, are a favorite of all.

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